7.1.09 (Song One): Hot Dog Factory

Oh, no!  I can’t upload mp3s here at the moment, so I’ll have to post a link to my first song, “Hot Dog Factory”.  I started it in my head last night as I biked past a hot dog factory.  Ah, the mysteries of inspiration.

Click on the title to link to an mp3 for streaming or download.

Hot Dog Factory

I’m working at the hot dog factory
I start at seven and I get off at three
It’s a good job if you don’t mind smelling like a hot dog all the time
Working at the hot dog factory.

At the hot dog factory we can choose
From all the stuff the butcher doesn’t use
Lips and snouts, eyelashes and tails,
We take it all and we put it in a pail


At the hot dog factory we don’t care
If you’re a pig or a cow or a horse or a bear
It doesn’t matter if you slither or you hop or you run,
We’ll load you with triglycerides and serve you on a bun


It takes a special kind of chef
To take all of the stuff that’s left
And turn it into such a savory treat
Call them weenies, call them franks
But we will leave the label blank,
Cause we’d get sued if we called it meat.


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