7.8.09 (Song Six): Someone I Used to Know

There’s already a great song with this title out there, but I think I took a different spin on it.  I actually started it by stealing a line from yesterday’s song.  It was recorded on the old, out-of-tune upright piano in my living room through the computer microphone.  The song sounds to me like it belongs in a cut-rate 1940s musical.

Someone I Used to Know

I know you can remember, I know you can recall
Even though it was so long ago
There was a time when you and I were lovers
Before you were someone I used to know

Back when I believed you, even when you said
That you’d never leave, you’d never go.
Back when I knew you were the only one I’d ever need
Before you were someone I used to know

Nowadays you’re just a face I see from time to time
When my mind wanders away from me
I stroll back to years when I was yours and you were mine
Before love was something that used to be

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