7.10.09 (Song Eight): Love It While It Lasts

I had the title phrase for this one in my head for a few years, but never sat down to piece it out.  I was short on time, so I just recorded it with my computer’s built-in mic.  Hopefully the recording doesn’t interfere with the song.

Love It While It Lasts

Love it while it lasts, ‘cause it won’t last long
Every time you turn your back, something else is gone
Even when it starts out right, it soon goes wrong, so
Love it while it lasts, cause it won’t last long.

I met a girl back in the day, and how was I to know
That right when I got into her she’d have to up and go
I was beginning to believe that everything was right
But she didn’t stick around much longer than a yellow light


Now darling you seem different but how foolish would I be
If I went through my life with nothing learned from history
I know that you’ll move on some day, and you’ll leave me behind
I won’t hold it against you ‘cause I always bear in mind

Bridge:  My very favorite pair of jeans
I bought when I was seventeen
I must have worn them every other day.
But within a couple weeks
I’d worn holes in both the knees
And all of them hems started to fray.


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  1. Liking this.

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