7.9.09 (Song Seven): The Ballad of Tremors

Every meal needs its vegetable, every Justice League needs its Aquaman, and every Month of Songs needs its worst song.  I think I’ve got that one out of the way today.  In its defense, I was making an effort to write a ballad in the classical form, which is not my milieu.  I’ve had the idea for this song for years, and never got around to writing it, and now I know why…

The Ballad of Tremors

Out in a small town in Nevada
Out there where a man is still a man
All there is to do is mostly nothing
And there’s danger there beneath the sand.

The young man from that old movie Footloose
And the father from the Family Ties
And the singer who had that TV show
Fought worms of remarkable size.

The worms, they could sense every footstep
The vibrations drew them in to feed
If you stood on the ground, they’d come find you
They could burrow with uncanny speed.

So we find our heroes stuck and stranded
Standing on the rocks and the debris
Those worms had torn down the phone lines
So they couldn’t call the calvary.

Now the Family Ties guy had a bunker
Filled with weapons and bombs of all kinds
They loaded up with pistols and with rifles
Rocket launchers, missles, and land mines

They met those beasts in a showdown
With dynamite and with remote controls
One by one the worms they were defeated
Th’only thing left underground there was the moles.

So if you find yourself with any problems
I don’t need to tell you what to do
Just think back upon those brave Nevadans
And blow stuff up until your trouble’s through.

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  1. This song is awesome.

    I would have said, “the only things left in the ground were the holes”..

  2. That’s a great edit. I don’t even think moles live in Nevada.

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