7.15.09 (Song Eleven): Don’t Drink the Water

Well, some days you write a song just to have written a song.  This one is me thinking back to the first episode of the Voyage of the Mimi back in 2nd grade.  I was hoping to include some instrucitons on procuring fresh water, but it didn’t fit the rhyme scheme.  What can you do?

Don’t Drink the Water

If you are lost at sea
You’ll soon get thirsty
As you float on the waves
Hoping you will get saved
Take this advice from me

Don’t drink the water
It will not quench your thirst
Don’t drink the water
It will just make it worse.

As you drift away
You skin will slowly turn grey
You’ll get frustrated
and quite dehydrated
But remember what I say


As the sun beats down
You’ll prey that your raft runs aground
There’s water all round your ship
but you can’t take a sip
You’d be better off just to drown

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  1. Maybe I’m just in a mood to appreciate these, but even the ones you say suck seem full of awesomeness to me. I think an overt statement of the ironic possibilities in this song, which are pretty obvious I guess, would have ruined it, and you have wisely stayed completely away from all that.

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