7.17.09 (Song Thirteen): Coffee Can (The Man in the Hole)

OK, here’s today’s entry.  If I were to go back and edit this one, I’d like to remove the fact that my leading man is a deadbeat dad, but there aren’t that many words that rhyme with “trailer court”.  I’ve had friends and relatives who’ve lived in trailer parks, and they always seem to edge up against some scrubby woods, often filled with old bedsprings, shopping carts, and pull-tab beer cans.  Seemed like a good setting for a story.

Coffee Can (The Man in the Hole)
I was on fire at the Indian casino,
Oh buddy, I couldn’t lose
I stumbled home with a bag full of money
and a stomach full of free booze.

Now I couldn’t stand to see all of that money
Bein’ spent on child support
I buried it all in big coffee can
in the woods behind the trailer court.

One of these days, one of these days,
I’ll hold the world in my hands
Everything will start to turn my way
When I find that old coffee can.

It wasn’t too long before I needed money
To fix the brakes on my Bel-Air
I took my shovel and I searched for hours
Couldn’t find it anywhere.

And so I go out every evening and weekend
Looking for a place I haven’t been
But when my shovel hits that can of Sanka
I’ll know that my ship has come in.


All of the kids in the trailer park tease me
They call me the man in the   hole
They ask if I’m trying to find my way to China
They ask if my mother’s a mole.


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