7.22.09 (Song Sixteen): Bachelor

Well, this is another one that lost something on the way to the tape.  I like the concept, and I even think the central idea for each verse is strong, but it would have sounded a lot better with a strict meter.  I just didn’t have the time to edit it, and it shows in my difficulty singing it.  Well, I think there’s a song there, and I’ll be editing a lot of these when the month is over.


You told me you had to go away
out of town on business, for a couple days
I was so excited when we said our farewell
But with you gone, I don’t know what to do with myself.

Won’t you remind me, what I used to do
Back in the days, before I met you
Once upon a time, I was young and immature
But I’ve forgotten how to be a bachelor.

I got all the action movies that you wouldn’t go to see
The Fists of Death and Under Siege and Squad Commander 3
But the sounds of breaking bones and screams could not compare
To the pleasures of watching “You’ve Got Mail” with you there.

A couple days of eating three square meals a day
of microwaved burritos, Mountain Dew and Tangueray
I was good and ready waiting for you to come home
Cause I am not cut out for this living on my own.

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