August Song: The Worst Part

I’m going to figure out how to change my short-sighted title so that I can use this weblog as a clearinghouse for any new song I’ve written.  Should anybody be reading this chronologically, note that all of the songs below were written as a part of a song-a-day excercise through the month of July, 2009.  Since completing the Month of Songs, I’ve had time to go back through some old notebooks and apply my newly-honed songwriting technique to some long-unfinished lines, verses, or choruses.  I’ve hit a few that are not quite ready yet, but today I sat down with one that turned out in the acceptable range.  It’s still a rough draft, but it’s presentable.

It’s a one-take (one for guitar, one for vocals) which explains the muck-up after the bridge.

(click song title to hear the song)

The Worst Part

The worst part is the waking up alone
I reach over for you and I realize you’re gone
This misery, it clings to me, it lingers like cologne
But the worst part is the waking up alone.

I can make it through my dreary day
As long as I keep busy I can go along my way.
With enough distractions, the pain can be postponed,
and the worst part it the waking up alone.

It’s hard to get to sleep at night
Knowing that the morning light
Is going to pull me from your loving arms
So when the sun begins to rise
I squeeze tight my tired eyes
Thinking I can sleep through the alarms.

Repeat vs. 1

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  1. Dude, you rock.

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