A December Song: Our Last Round

I finally blocked out some time to finish up a song or two.  This one is called “Our Last Round”, and is an attempt at an extended metaphor-type song.  I don’t know a whole lot about boxing, so I wrote this with the Wikipedia page on boxing pulled up.

(click song title to hear the song)

Our Last Round

How could I underestimate the power of a featherweight?
You got me when I let my guard down
I held out for a while, but you came in with an uppercut
and I think we just finished out last round

Chorus:   I think we just finished out last round
You’re the champion, here’s your belt and crown
I finally decided that I’m better off here on the mat
and I think we just finished out last round.

Darling, you took your first swing when you heard the churchbell ring
How could I know I’d grow to dread that sound?
I wondered what’d the preacher mean, when he said “Alright, let’s keep it clean”
Back then when we started our first round.


Bridge: In this corner, the contender, see the fear there in his eyes
In this corner, the defender, hungry for the prize

Every time I’d try to leave, you’d come in with the bob and weave
Doin’ your best to drop me to the ground.
But I’ve finally had enough–enough of all your fisticuffs
And I think that we’ve finished our last round.


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  1. That’s an impressive extended-metaphor song – even more impressive that you got your ‘inside knowledge’ from faithful ole’ Wiki 🙂
    Can I listen to it anywhere?

  2. Hmmm, ignore the listen request. I catch on eventually…

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