One More Shot

Typical drinking song, with some fun wordplay in it.  I’ve had the chorus for this for ages, and finally got started with the verses when I heard Elvis Costello’s “Down Among the Wine and Spirits” on Secret, Profane, and Sugarcane.  The melody borrows heavily from the bridge of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”…

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One More Shot

I could soak my soul in spirits, I could drown my mind with wine,
and I bet I’ll still be lonely when it comes to closing time
Keep on pouring, partner, c’mon, let the liquor flow
It probably won’t bring her back, but hey, you never know,

I don’t think that I can drink away this heartache that I’ve got
But tonite I’m going to give it one more shot.

Don’t it sound so easy when you hear the people say
They’re headed for the barroom to drink their cares away.
I hope that it’ll happen every time I come in here
But tho the glass is empty, my eyes are filled with tears


I’ll take one more shot of anything you’ve got behind the bar
I’ll wish on empty bottles just like they were falling stars
And every wish I make will be just like the one before
I’ll be wishing that the next one is the last one I need poured.

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7.27.09 (Song 18): NyQuil-Headed Baby

It looks like I took Friday off–some life came up and I didn’t get it done.  I’m hoping to catch up by the end of the week.

For today, I was hoping to capture the spirit of Whiskey Headed Woman and Canned Heat Blues, two classic blues songs, and I think I’ve done the form justice.  I’m not in love with the chorus, but for a one-day project, it’s not bad.

NyQuil-Headed Baby
She don’t drink liquor and she don’t take dope
She don’t use cocaine and she won’t smoke rope
There’s only one thing for when she needs a little something
She ain’t satisfied until she’s had some Robitussin

She’s my NyQuil headed baby
She’ll drink Dimetapp, too
and if she’s feeling fancy she could go for
the Theraflu

Her eyes may be bloodshot, her hair may be a mess
But you can be for certain that her cough is supressed


Don’t bring her any eucalyptus cough drops
Don’t you rub no camphor oil on to her chest
Just bring her a bottle of that syrup, boy
And she’ll take care of the rest.

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