“Blind Spot”

I was given this title as a challenge, and so (within the challenge’s deadline), this is what I came up with.  I’m nursing a cold, and a little hoarse, but there’s nothing I can do about that.  I was aiming for a late-period Supremes type song, but due to my throat it sounds more like John Hiatt.  Having listened to Let It Bleed just before recording it probably didn’t help.  This was the first take, just going in through the computer mic.

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Blind Spot

heck your gauges, check your dials,
Check yourself because you’ve seen some miles.
You’re looking for someone to take you in,
But I’m right where I’ve I’ve always been.

You must have me in your blind spot (x2)
You’re looking for something you’ve already got
You must have me in your blind spot.

Take me for granted, that ain’t no surprise,
But when you’re finished, open up your eyes.
Check your mirrors now before you go.
Double-check because you never know.

Ch: You just might have me in your blind spot, etc.

You come here after you’ve been hurt
You let your tears soak into my shirt
I couldn’t be wetter, but you could do better
Why can’t you see what you’re looking for in me


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