“Step Right Up”: my second choice for a title on this one…

I was reading an article on the Guiness Book of World Records and the first line of this song popped into my head:  There’s a man who wore a beard of bees that weighed 100 pounds.  I’m not sure what the weight record is for a beard of bees, but the line has perfect meter and the alliteration in “beard of bees” caught my ear.  Even though an opening line like that precludes this one making it on country radio, I still wanted to take it in a country direction.  I’m working on the title; my first choice is the last line in the chorus, but that kind of gives of the central gimmick of the song, which I’d rather be a surprise.  I’m a little phlegmy on the recording–getting over something.

(click song title to hear the song)

Step Right Up

There’s a man who wore a beard of bees that weighed 100 lbs.
There’s a ball of yarn somewhere that’s over 30 ft around
I’ve got something here with me that puts them all to shame
It holds it’s own place of honor in the Hall of Fame

Step right up if you want to take a look
It’s number one in the record book
Gather round to see that it’s completely torn apart
Step right up to see the world’s most broken heart

It’s not hard to find a heart that’s tattered, bent, or bruised
A heart is subject to some damage any time it’s used.
But even though most every one has seen some wear and tear
When it comes to brokenness, no other heart compares

It’s been kicked around, and left for dead
It’s more black & blue than red
Treated with the utmost disregard
It’s been abused and knocked about
It’s been turned inside out
It’s been beaten, traumatized and scarred.

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